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Steroids; 5 Days of Solu-Medrol Done!

What a 5 days! It felt like forever! Each day, the closer to completion I got, the slower time felt. It didn’t help that a couple of the nurses had a bit of trouble placing the line… several times… resulting in multiple pokes and bubbles of burning Solu-Medrol under my skin. So much fun! I don’t plan on ever going back there again. First of all, it was ran out of a 2 bedroom house converted into a medical building. Lots of businesses do that in Redlands, CA but still, it was kind of weird at first. Then I just don’t have any desire to put my veins through that pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-game again. Never even had that issue with medical students! But I am done. I was supposed to start a Prednisone taper today but guess what? My doctor never ordered the Prednisone despite my nagging calls! Oh well.

Writing, Prednisone, SSI and Wii Fit

OK this post is going to be broken up kind of weird; I have been writing little notes on sticky notes to remind me of what I want to mention here because my blog has been so uninformative for the last year or so, I just can’t seem to sit down at the end of the day and remember everything that happened so I’ll be trying to explore new blogging “techniques” to hopefully make things more interesting…

Been Taking a Break from Existing…

I have not been feeling so great… I am no longer even sure if I am relapsing or not! It’s just been a steady decline for the last couple of months if you ask me… I have felt not only fatigued but lethargic… the other day I felt like all my muscles at been worked out to the point of physical fatigue so even lifting my arm felt painful… sore… like my body lacked the physical energy to really move! I have been so dizzy and my vision (oscillopsia) has been crazy, I just don’t want to move or even keep my eyes open! I have been sleeping so much, the other day I pretty much slept all day which messed me up because that night I could not sleep! The next day I felt like garbage but was able to keep myself up so that come night I could sleep.