Re-establishing Pre-Bedtime Routine and Journaling

So, for the last few nights I have either not been sleeping at all or sleeping terribly. The other night I went to bed at about 9pm but just lied there till about 3 or 4am. Then I fell into a light sleep but around 5am I was right back up so I just lied there till about 6 or 7am. All of this despite taking 50mg of Benadryl and 30mg of Temazepam… My thoughts were just racing full speed about everything and nothing. I have not had insomnia that bad in a long time! The next night I switched from Temazepam to Clonazepam. I seemed to fall asleep a little faster but I didn’t feel like it was a “deep” sleep, I had such vivid dreams! So vivid that I woke up feeling like I had been up all night actively doing the things I dreamt about. So all day I just felt like a zombie, extra exhausted, my body wanted to sleep but my brain wanted to go-go-go. This messed with all my MS symptoms as well so I felt utterly terrible. Now, I didn’t even take Nuvigil (a central nervous system stimulant for promoting wakefulness in things like Narcolepsy) so I blame the Oral Prednisone I was on for keeping my brain “wired”. It wasn’t much, the dose was really low, I was just taking it as a taper for the Solu-Medrol infusions I had just done which ironically did not seem to affect my sleep at all but then again, I had cannabis edibles for those nights.

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