Pushed Myself too Hard, New Puppy and Lab Work

So I pushed myself too hard the other day. I have been really exercising since my second round of Lemtrada and the other day I decided to step it up a bit and push myself even harder. It felt good but I definitely wiped myself out and the next day I knew I had pushed myself a bit too hard. For the next week or so I felt extra tired, extra dizzy, my balance was extra horrible and I felt kind of weak. I say extra because not a days goes by where I don’t feel all of that at some level. I just didn’t want to get up and move. This led to me not eating as well and abandoning my daily routine of keeping myself going, eating right and writing. So I have just been letting my emails back up and taking it easy but yesterday I felt I was ready to slowly start getting back into my routine except it is still a bit different since we adopted a new puppy; lot’s of work!

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