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I’m in Such a Bad Mood; Heat and MS When There is No Heat

Ugh! I am in such a bad mood today! From the moment I woke up I was just… angry? You see, yes, I am sleeping way better but I still don’t wake up feeling rested (like most of us with Multiple Sclerosis don’t feel). In fact, I really can’t remember the last time I woke up and felt like I actually got the amount of sleep that I did; refreshed and recharged, ready to start my day! Pft… No… Just fatigue. Doesn’t seem to be secondary (the result of poor sleep or some other symptom) since I am actually sleeping again. So that tells me it’s primary (lassitude). Fatigue for no reason other than the fact that MS IS BS.

Blurry Vision Today

I don’t think I woke up with it but halfway through the day my vision got really blurry! It has been a long time since I last experienced this. I first noticed it when I looked down at my phone to check something and I felt like I could hardly read! It was like I was wearing someone else’s glasses! I had to strain my eyes to make them focus but as soon as I relaxed them everything was blurry again. I was downstairs (where it was about 80 degrees) for a lot longer than usual this morning and then I went to the store and breakfast/lunch so more than likely it’s from my heat exposure… This extra sucks because it is the blurry MS vision on top of my oscillopsia! So keeping my eyes open right now really sucks… I am only writing this very short post because nothing ever really changes in my life anymore but now this so I want a record of it (mostly so I know when it started in case this lasts more than 24 hours). I feel like I can’t really see what I am typing so I am getting off… Hope everyone is well.


I have not been feeling well… it has been so hot! I feel really dumb because for the longest time I was thinking my portable A/C just could not keep up with this heat because my room was hitting over 80 degrees with both my portable A/C and the house A/C! Turns out, I totally forgot that I am supposed to be cleaning out the air filter every 2 weeks or else it can’t run efficiently! I cleaned it out and yay! My room doesn’t seem to be getting above 74 (knock on wood). So hopefully that helps me not feel like total crap so I can do more than just sleep all day!

Trying to Change My Schedule

I got up at 4:00am today, I wanted to try to be awake longer when it was cool out and then try to sleep through some of the heat. I had a bunch of alarms set on my phone, one to first wake up and take a Nuvigil to see if it helped me GET up despite all my absent or negative experiences in the past. So I took a Nuvigil and lied back down and before my next alarm went off my brain was chatting so much I had to just get up. I assume that was the Nuvigil because lately I have had no problems just going back to sleep.