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Getting Back on Track


Depression, Dietary Changes, and Fitness goal

So yes, once again I fell off the radar. For the first time in many years I felt my clinical depression come back and just destroy me. Once I realized that this was what was happening, so much of what I have been complaining about recently started to make sense and what sucks is that I did this to myself. You see, when I was about 18 I was actually diagnosed with clinical depression. I have pretty much been on antidepressants ever since and I have tried so many until I found the one that worked for me which was/is Zoloft. So I feel really dumb because this is the stereotypical bi-polar disorder mentality; I feel bad so I need medication but after a while I feel good so I must not need the medication, not like I feel bad anymore right? I stop the medication and then I feel bad again. So a few months ago I was feeling good. I was no longer waking up feeling depressed for no reason so I decided to stop my Zoloft. I wanted to see how it felt to not be taking a handful of pills every morning that I might not even need. All I was taking was an anti-viral called Acyclovir which I have to take for so long after my last Lemtrada infusion to help make sure I do not get any sort of herpes-related virus.

Been Thinking About My Past Before MS

So first of all, the other day I sprained/twisted my wrist. Not sure that there was really an “event” that did it, it was more like a series of events. First, I think I slept on it weird so I started my day off with it kind of hurting. Later I was using a heavy battery-powered drill to put something up in my bathroom when my wrist just “gave out” but I didn’t lose my grip of the drill so my hand just sort of “fell limp” meaning the heavy drill in my hand sort of yanked at my wrist. This is when it really started to hurt but I still didn’t think it was that bad so I did not ice it right away but then I went to see a movie with my Dad and the entire time I was messing with my wrist (it was bugging me) and by the time I got back it was hurting so bad! So I wrapped it up (with one of those stretch band things) and went to bed thinking it would be fine by morning but nope, it hurt even worse. So I started the whole icing thing, used a splint to keep it immobilized and alternated between that and the wrap. It has been a few days and it is not as bad (I can kind of type now) but it still hurts when I move it too much so I am still wearing that splint. Fun…