I Have Been in Colorado: Getting My Blog Ready for 2018

Hey, remember me? I disappeared again. I have actually been in Colorado since October 4th; I came over here for a friend’s wedding and I am staying here with them till after the November holiday. It’s been nice to get away. Nice weather, social interaction, a change of scenery, all the good stuff that I seem to miss out on in my 12×12 bedroom in California.

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I am in Colorado

So, if your wondering why I have not been posting in the last few days, here is why; I am in Colorado! It was sort of last minute but I came to visit an old friend who moved here about a year ago and also see some family that lives about 45 minutes from my friend (give or take).

was always interested in Colorado, so is my dad, but then I started
to worry that they would all be super conservative but I have quickly
learned it depends on the city. Denver is pretty liberal so if you
want some of that legalized marijuana that is where you go to get it.
I am staying in Colorado Springs where I guess they are a tad more
conservative; you really won’t find a marijuana shops here. Either way, they
are so relaxed about things compared to California.

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