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What is Optic Neuritis?

Optic Neuritis is one of the more common presenting symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and can cause blurred vision, color blindness, loss of vision, pain behind the eyes and even flashing/flickering lights. This usually occurs in one eye but both eyes being affected is not uncommon. Typically people just complain about their vision blurring and never experience anything else.

Blurry Vision Today

I don’t think I woke up with it but halfway through the day my vision got really blurry! It has been a long time since I last experienced this. I first noticed it when I looked down at my phone to check something and I felt like I could hardly read! It was like I was wearing someone else’s glasses! I had to strain my eyes to make them focus but as soon as I relaxed them everything was blurry again. I was downstairs (where it was about 80 degrees) for a lot longer than usual this morning and then I went to the store and breakfast/lunch so more than likely it’s from my heat exposure… This extra sucks because it is the blurry MS vision on top of my oscillopsia! So keeping my eyes open right now really sucks… I am only writing this very short post because nothing ever really changes in my life anymore but now this so I want a record of it (mostly so I know when it started in case this lasts more than 24 hours). I feel like I can’t really see what I am typing so I am getting off… Hope everyone is well.

MS Has Been Kicking My Ass

Just when I thought this relapse was getting better it got way worse. Yesterday sucked, I was so fatigued; I felt weak, dizzy, my vision has been a little more blurry than usual, and my fine motor skills have been getting progressively worse making typing really difficult. Today I woke up feeling extremely weak, I didn’t even want to get up! But I woke up early as I slept pretty well last night; I took VESIcare last night and wow, it really does work better than oxybutynin!  I didn’t get up once to use the restroom last night! So I forced myself up. I don’t know why… So I went downstairs, watched the news for a bit and then went back to bed. I can’t explain how weak and heavy I felt, it reminds me off when I was little and had the flu; I just wanted to lie in bed limp.

Oscillopsia – The Bane of my Existence

Alright, for over a year I have been trying to describe this visual symptom that is making my life so difficult but I have never known just how to put it into words. This symptom is my worst Multiple Sclerosis symptom and I do not see it going away anytime soon so I need to really explain what it is instead of shifting between “visual issues”, “vertigo” or whatever else I have been using. I need one term to explain what I am talking about and I am settling on “oscillopsia” since that is what my neurologist says it is and that is what everything I read seems to point to.