Still Riding the Steroid “High”

My last day of Solu-Medrol (IV steroids) was Friday and I have been pretty surprised at how it has affected me. For years steroids have stopped doing anything for me besides leaving a weird taste in my mouth. This time around I had that “wired” feeling again and I constantly felt like I was running behind schedule to get something important done despite the fact that I had finished all that I needed to do. It’s miserable because it’s impossible to “wind down” for the night. I lie down to go to sleep but still I feel like I should be doing something and so I start creating a to-do list in my head for the next day. I should also note that being “wired” on steroids just means your brain (at least mine) is constantly racing, breaking every little thought down into more thoughts, and just generally overthinking things that I would have never otherwise thought of. I still felt so physically exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open! Yet I could not fall asleep for hours even after taking Klonopin and cannabis.

Another side effect that is pretty synonymous with Solu-medrol and Prednisone is irritability. I remember it used to hit me hard and then, after some time, not at all. But it was back! Every little thing was ticking me off even when I knew, at that very moment, that it was something stupid that I should not care about. The sleep issues only made it worse so really I have just wanted to keep to myself because like I said, everything was getting on my nerves and I was trying really hard to not take it out on everyone around me. I think I did OK? Well it has calmed down a bit but I still feel like I need my space. I just don’t seem to have the violent reaction to the TV remote not responding the split second I press a button anymore. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

I have mostly just been trying to keep as busy as I can especially while my brain is on overdrive. I have been getting a lot of work done for iConquerMS (links to follow will be at the bottom of this post) and thinking of even more work that I need/want to do. I have also spent a lot of time organizing everything and setting all that I can up so that when I do run out of energy it will be easier to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. I have been doing some light stretching but today I am designing a “fitness and diet plan” to print out and start following more religiously. I’ll actually start some basic strength training today as well as balance exercises but I am still in that “I need to take it kind of slow” stage because I don’t want to overdo it and set myself back. I figure I just need to keep myself in 1st and 2ed gear instead of pushing myself all the way to 5th gear you know?

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Matt Allen G

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2010 at the age of 20. It's been a battle ever since and I have always shared my story and struggles online!

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