LDN Day 10; Been Busy

I take my LDN right before bed each night (I have heard reasons for taking it either in the morning or at night and decided to try taking it at night) and as of this morning I have taken LDN for 10 nights. What have I noticed so far? Well first of all my dreams have definitely been really vivid and a lot of people don’t like that but I kind of do. It makes each night more “interesting”, it’s like free entertainment for 8 hours, an “escape” from reality. One problem is I started waking up at like 3am and at first I would wake up feeling just as ready-to-go as any other day so I was getting a lot done. I was good with that but then I started waking up at 3am feeling like… I had woken up at 3am…  Even when I would take my 1mg of Temazepam! I also picked up some magnesium but it’s a 400mg tablet which kind of scares me because magnesium is one of those supplements that too much can be really bad so I have been cutting them down to about 300mg. I sort of feel like it helps me sleep better and I have slowly been not waking up at 3am but maybe that would still be the case without the magnesium? I have no idea but I am happy to be getting a little more sleep again.

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