A Weird MS Flare

I think I started to have a sort of flare on Monday night. I had a crappy day, nothing was going my way and I think that caused me too much stress. I started falling asleep watching TV and as I was getting up to turn everything off I noticed something weird. Because I was in that half awake / half asleep stage, both my eyes were not fully open. I stopped to notice that if I had my left eye open and my right eye closed everything looked dull like someone desaturated my vision a bit. Right eye open and left eye closed? Colorful! It was really weird. I have had optic neuritis flare up so many times since my diagnosis. My vision will never be the same again but this was the first time it had affected my vision’s color. Usually everything is just really fuzzy… I have even had episodes where while I am trying to fall asleep I would see quick/random flashes of white lights. Open my eyes? My room is empty, no sources of light but this? This was different than what I am used to.

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