Return of the Sleep Problems

Well the title pretty much says it all. For a while now, I have been sleeping great. I was falling asleep on my own, no pills and I was staying asleep! It was great! But last week insomnia crept back into my life; I am talking staring at the dark ceiling for 5 hours and continuously getting up to write some random thought down. So of course I am a zombie the following day both physically and mentally. So I picked up some cannabis oil because this was clearly going to be a phase that I would need help getting through. But then I took too much (sometimes it can be hard to dose) and I went from “not getting enough sleep” to “getting too much sleep” which also makes me feel like a zombie. I can’t get too little or too much or else I have to pay the price of feeling like garbage the next day. I have just been so out of it! I just want to be back on a healthy sleep schedule!

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  1. Angela Shapardanis says:

    I finished my 5 Day, Lemtrada yesterday. I have not had any problems but I finished it yesterday. Steroids have led to sleeping instead of being awake so I guess after 10 years of taking them there is an upside . It is my opinion Matt that this month has a lot of people experiencing anxiety and insomnia that they did not expect . I am referring to the worrying about the future of the country . Try to count the tiles on Albert Hall and count to 305 and do not get out of bed to write anything down . I made the mistake one time of eating an entire cookie and was flying high and now know to take half of what I think is a good idea and then dose myself accordingly . I hope the insomnia goes away don’t think about it . Get a book and read about Keynesian economics versus Miltonian economics that’ll keep you up for seven minutes . As to the Lemtrada this is the first time I have had severe ataxia of my arms and legs in five years . Like you , I’ll soon see . It will all work out and I read most of your blogs but I didn’t get to the one about Social Security wanting money did you win that one? You definitely should have .

    • Matt Allen G says:

      Yeah, with edibles? It is all about JUST the right dose at the right time or else sometimes I can’t sleep haha. Steroids don’t wire me anymore, I can sleep through the actual infusion now… I find classical music works best for me because even boring facts keep me up because I can be boring and like that stuff haha. Oh and Social Security? Nope, they still want it all back. I am just running the clock out with them now till I have enough money saved up to file for bankruptcy haha…-sigh-

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take magnesium and D. The magnesium relaxes the muscles and makes you sleep. Insomnia is a sign of low magnesium. I take 250 to 500 mg a day with 10000 D.

  3. Michael Springer says:

    Hi Matt, Meds work differently for each of us but I started to take Welbutrin 150mg in May and it has made a huge difference. If I take it before 8 am I don’t have to sleep during the day and can fall asleep between 9 & 10.

    • Matt Allen G says:

      What was it originally prescribed to you for?

      • Michael Springer says:

        Hi Matt, I was not doing as well as I wanted on Zoloft. I was complaining that I was not doing as well as I wanted so my Internist suggested adding Welbutrin. After two months I began to need less sleep during the day. Combining two SSRIs is not unheard of but they can cause a buildup of serotonin. The side effects are difficult to differentiate from “MS brain fog” so I stopped the Zoloft after the fourth month. I am thinking of adding 50mg of Zoloft next week to see if it helps or not. I have been fine tuning my meds for the past several years. Somehow I hit a sweet spot a year and a half ago and want to keep it going. Best wishes. Michael

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