Feeling Much Better but Taking it Slow

(I finally pulled my camera out and took a decent picture)

Well, that sucked. I now have a much greater motivation to do everything I can to not get sick again because it seems like not having a full army of white blood cells to run my immune system makes everything feel that much worse! I know it was not the flu (tested negative) and it probably was not viral since my bloodwork was perfect but the urine culture? Well, it showed mixed results because I guess I contaminated it. I think I know how too, when I was taking off the sealed lid, my clumsy MS hands somehow dropped the cup and I tried to catch it. I did but probably in the worse way possible; instead of grasping the outside I somehow grabbed i t with two fingers (like chopsticks) and one of those fingers was on the outside of the cup and the other was on the inside. Considering I had just pushed the door open with my hands that is probably what did it… Oh well, that’s fine, a couple days later my fever finally let up! I had been drinking a constant flow of fluids so considering it was most likely some sort of bacteria in my bladder? I probably flushed it out… Stil, I have been drinkings lots and lots of water just in case! When urgent care called me about my lab results they said to just watch it since the fever had passed, antibiotics are probably not necessary and in a world full of antibiotic resistant viruses growing stronger and stronger I would rather not contribute to the overuse of these medications.

So I woke up feeling much better the other day and of course I wanted to get all this stuff done but after I started running around I started feeling not-so-great… I forgot, even when you wake up feeling better you need to take it easy so you don’t cause the illness to relapse. So I spent the last couple of days relaxing but today I just had to get some computer work done because it was backing up. Now it has become a habit for me to once a week take Nuvigil and plan on doing nothing but computer work; that day was today. I have been cutting down my dosing to slowly try to taper myself up to the full 250mg (it can give me some weird side effects) but today I just took the full 250. I definitely feel like my brain is ticking a little faster but I am still very unhappy with Nuvigil… If I had to imagine what doing cocaine felt like I would imagine it was like this but stronger. I don’t like needing to take this stuff to get work done… It feels so wrong! I really wish there was something else out there that my neurologist would let me try that I have no already. For now? Since I do not seem to have any other option? I will have to make this work…

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  1. Phil Armstrong says:

    Well done on your photo Matt. This is Phil Armstrong from Gisborne New Zealand. We have a friend with primary progressive MS who shared your post on my twitter feed. Like you she blogs about her condition and my wife and I help her where we can. Like her you have a lot of courage.


    • Matt Allen G says:

      So awesome that she has you and your wife for help. We may never ask for it but 9 out of 10 times we need it. Who is it that shared this may I ask? I know too many bloggers and I know a few people with MS who live in New Zealand haha

  2. Jackie Richwine says:

    Hi Matt just started following you after your article on fatigue. Read it on the Mighty Facebook site.
    I take the generic for Provigil and do very well on it. My Neurologist decide one day to switch to Nuvigil and I didn’t do as well on it. So he switched me back. I know we are all different. Just a thought I wanted to share if you have just tried already.

  3. Nick says:

    Hey, Matt! How is your oscillopsia going? Any treatment helped? I’ve been experiencing dizziness, balance problems and something similar to oscillopsia/jumpy vision for the past month. 5 days of 1mg Solumedrol kinda improved it for a week but now I feel like it’s worsening all over again. My neuro also prescribed betahistine, but I don’t see it working at all.

    • Matt Allen G says:

      At this point I think it’s safe to say this is not going away for me. It is no different so I think this is now one of my more “permanent” symptoms, long term disability, that I am just learning to live with :/

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