Return of the Sleep Problems

Well the title pretty much says it all. For a while now, I have been sleeping great. I was falling asleep on my own, no pills and I was staying asleep! It was great! But last week insomnia crept back into my life; I am talking staring at the dark ceiling for 5 hours and continuously getting up to write some random thought down. So of course I am a zombie the following day both physically and mentally. So I picked up some cannabis oil because this was clearly going to be a phase that I would need help getting through. But then I took too much (sometimes it can be hard to dose) and I went from “not getting enough sleep” to “getting too much sleep” which also makes me feel like a zombie. I can’t get too little or too much or else I have to pay the price of feeling like garbage the next day. I have just been so out of it! I just want to be back on a healthy sleep schedule!

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