Feeling Fine and Working My Way Forward

It’s been a while since I have written anything here and this is going to be a short post but after my second round of Lemtrada I just did a few videos and rested – not that I was feeling terrible, I just wanted to let my body recover uninterrupted. This round was really easy compared to last year and within a week I was already starting my basic exercising back up. My skin is just all dry and a little bumpy from the rash and… that’s about it. I have also been sleeping OK so a break from insomnia is much appreciated!

Now, my vision and dizziness have been acting up since Lemtrada which is really confusing me. How is it that every other part of me is feeling better but this one aspect of my health is feeling worse? It’s weird because physically I feel like I am walking better; I even left the house without my cane yesterday which is the first time in a while that I have done that. I am doing much better on the Wii fit balance training stuff so clearly I have better control of my body BUT I feel like the further I try to look the more things shake around. Looking down the road from the passenger seat almost looks like it’s a hot summer day; the heat rising from the road disorients everything in the distance. I also feel like when I move my head too quickly or in any position that is not forward everything FEELS like it is spinning more violently. What happened to the whole “the brain can relearn to use new areas to compensate for damaged spots in the brain” thing? This is so annoying because I know everything would be so much better if this symptom (or set of symptoms) would just get a little better instead of worse. ARG!

Well, I am just going to focus on doing what I can do better and trying to get back into things that I know I can do but have just moved away from over the years. I started reading the other day, it’s difficult as far as visually and my reading comprehension, but I used to read a bit and now I do not. So baby steps. I am starting with “Of Mice and Men” because it’s the first thing I can remember having to read back in 9th grade. It’s not even a novel (it’s more like a novella) but I will work my way back up to the 1,00 page books from there. Before I was diagnosed with MS I was working on fictional writing, I started a novel and everything (what want-to-be writer hasn’t?) so I will slowly be getting back into that. Since it is cooling down I will also start messing with photography again since I really have done nothing with my camera all year! In a while, I also want to go back to school by which I mean, online classes. I am nowhere near ready to actually go back to school in person but I figure I can knock out a lot of my education online. I want to make sure that by time I am 30 I have at least one degree under my belt you know? So we will see how all of this unfolds, I want 2017 to be the year I turn my life around because 2016 just sucked!

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  1. Nazli says:

    I like your posts. They are inspiring and motivating for me as an MS ppatien or shall I say MSer (:-?!). It’s good to be able to talk about your feelings and experiences freely, cause in my case I just try to run away from thinking about them let alone talking! But your writings make me motivated!

    Thank you! 🙂

    And keep it up with photography. I do it too as a hobby. It makes me excited.

    • Matt Allen G says:

      Haha yeah, most people seem to say “MSer” and it took me a long time to get on board but most people don’t like “MS patient” because it isn’t as personal which I get. I am not a number! But yeah, talking about it helps me feel like I own it instead of being controlled by it. As I work my way back into photography I will definitely post some pictures here and a lot of the other stuff will go on Flickr – my Flickr account is on the top right of this blog in the social profiles section, it hasn’t been updated in forever and most my picture are not even there as I always just posted them on Facebook :p

  2. Jesse says:

    I like reading your posts. I also have ms and have been dealing with severe chronic pain for years now. Do you experience pain. I talk to people at the Iv clinic I go to for my Tysabri but they don’t have the pain. I have a lot of lesions on my spine. This is the first time I have ever posted anything about this. Keep up the good work you do a good job.

    • Matt Allen G says:

      Thanks, pain used to be an issue for me, it doesn’t bother me too much now. I used to be on a lot of pain killers all day and every day (Norco, Oxycodone, that kind of stuff). Now when I have a day where I am in pain I just use a little cannabis oil, no more opiates

  3. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the reply that’s about where I’m at now been thinking about making the switch to medical mj. I’m just looking for any kind of relief. Not interested in getting “high” though how does the oil work for you? I live in Maine so medical mj is legal and my neurologist supports me in this decision. I was also thinking about doing with a tincture is that the same as the oil? Thanks for the help.

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