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Feeling Fine and Working My Way Forward

It’s been a while since I have written anything here and this is going to be a short post but after my second round of Lemtrada I just did a few videos and rested – not that I was feeling terrible, I just wanted to let my body recover uninterrupted. This round was really easy compared to last year and within a week I was already starting my basic exercising back up. My skin is just all dry and a little bumpy from the rash and… that’s about it. I have also been sleeping OK so a break from insomnia is much appreciated!

Lemtrada Year 2; My First 2 Weeks

On October 3 of 2016 I started my second round of Lemtrada (alemtuzumab). Lemtrada is given intravenously over 5 days and then over 3 days 1 year later. So what was my experience with my second round of Lemtrada like? Was it anything like the first round of Lemtrada? I had heard people say it was easier, worse and just the same the second time around so I really was not sure what to expect. Well, it’s only been 11 days since I finished my final dose of Lemtrada (14 days since the first dose of my second round) but already I can tell you that for me it was way easier than the first round! So I just want to do a quick review of my own experience so other people getting ready for their second round of Lemtrada can know what they might be able to expect.

YouTube; Lemtrada Year 2; 10 days post – Side Effects; Rash

Lemtrada Year 2 (1 Week Post)