I Have Been Pretty “Active” Lately

So I had been really depressed lately over things like feeling like “I’m literally wasting life”, I felt so inactive and like I just was not doing anything but wasting time! It seems my “dark passenger” was in the driver’s seat… Well, I remembered feeling this way before and what I did the previous time was make a list of every little thing I did, whether it was getting some cleaning done, scheduling an appointment or brushing my teeth; this way, at the end of the day I would have a list to look at so I could say “well hey, I guess I did get a lot done today”. After a few days of trying this out again I realized I was getting more done than I thought and that motivated me to try to get more taken care of!

So at first it was simple stuff like actually cooking a meal for lunch and cleaning my room. Then I started cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes to help lesson the load for my parents. Plus when I moved back in from Colorado I thought it would be temporary; Get back on Tysabri and transfer my job at Target out here and save up a bit until I could move in with a friend. Wow, life totally took a drastic turn! Well my point is, since I have been back home for way longer than I expected and since I don’t see myself leaving any time soon (thanks MS) I really needed to feel like I was putting more into this household than I was taking out; I had also been feeling really unhappy because I just felt like a total leach. So now that I have been putting a little work in around the house I am feeling better about the whole leach thing.

Since I was feeling mentally better I built up motivation to work on the garden a bit. Everything from “the last season” had died off in the summer sun so we had cleared everything out. I had decided to plant pumpkins (they are fun to grow) but we got them in really late so now if they produce we will probably end up having Christmas pumpkins haha… Over the winter I will be trying to get our little garden lot ready for spring and maybe try planting a few “winter crops”. Since I was outside more I started playing with the dog to keep her more active. I shoot for at least 30 minutes kicking the ball around for her. Being active gave me the kick start I needed to try to do some light exercise, feels good to wake up sore, feels like progress!

All of this has made getting up and getting busy a lot easier lately. So yesterday I worked all day on my blog; it only took me a year to get around to it but I finally almost have it set up the way I wanted when I first started this new blog. I just have a few things I want to do before I “re-launch” it. Which reminds me, for the last year I have been using WordPress instead of Blogger because it gives me a lot more control. Using WordPress involves self hosting rather than someone like Blogger hosting everything for me. This costs money and since I barely just got some behind the scenes stuff done (which should help the blog pay for itself) I have not had time to raise any money on my own to pay for things like hosting and other fees. So unfortunately I am going to have to try to take donations AGAIN to pay this blog’s bills; $191.76 is due by 11/28/20116 (November 28, 2016). If I do not pay this in time my blog will go offline! So any help helps no matter how “small” you may think it is! Thank you!




Matt Allen G

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2010 at the age of 20. It's been a battle ever since and I have always shared my story and struggles online!

2 thoughts on “I Have Been Pretty “Active” Lately

  • September 12, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Glad to see you’re writing again. I have had a few days..not all together…of energy and managed, like you, to do small things which leave me with a sense of achievement. Have to be careful not to go crazy though, because it’s so easy to suddenly crash after the pot of energy has run out without you noticing it was even running low. Got out of my car the other day and it was like the elastic holding all my muscles and bones together suddenly snapped, and I collapsed. Luckily husband caught me before I did a face plant and managed to drag me into the hou. Very scary.
    I have yet another new rheumy doc, seems enthusiastic and interested despite her sighs of sympathy listening to all the different diagnoses I’ve been given. She wants me to see her boss who is, more experienced. Told her my neurologist just basically wrote me off. Went with a whole list of symptoms I’ve been experiencing and he just did a Vit D test which turned out’alright’. He then said he didn’t know what other tests I expected him to do but he’d come to the end of his thought process as to what could be wrong with me. So…she wants me to see a different one. Why not, thay will be number 7 I think!
    Read a very interesting article about black mold symptoms, Dr Brewer, which has opened the eyes of a lot of people who have MS/fibro type symptoms.
    Terrible fatigue today but onward and upward…at least long term disability insurance company have ‘approved’ for another year, so stress has been a little lessened. Take care..made a little donation to you, which it could have been more.

    • September 13, 2016 at 12:51 am

      Yes, it’s very difficult to not realise you are overdoing it on “good days”, ugh! But I seem to have got this new routine heading in the right direction so far, I am getting a lot more done but definitely trying to pace myself so I don’t overdo it. And hey, thank you so much! Every bit helps so seriously, thanks!


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