Daily Archives: September 15, 2016

BuddyPress Blog Addon

I know a lot of you have already noticed this and signed up but I never really mentioned it. When I got a lot of work done on my blog I added a plugin called “BuddyPress”. When you are anywhere on my blog, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see a small section labeled “BuddyPress”.  If you sign up you will be part of a mini social media, facebook-like forum. A lot of people have signed up but from what I can tell it does not show a list of members. It was sort of confusing at first but after you register, go back to the bottom of my blog and click on your name/profile picture (in the BuddyPress box) to bring BuddyPress up. There you can post “what’s on your mind” or comment on other people’s statuses. You can also set up and edit your profile. So if you haven’t already, register and then try posting or joining a conversation! Hopefully this will work out well enough that people can have conversations about MS without all their family and friends seeing what they are talking about, I get that not everyone has fully disclosed their MS.

A Step Closer To A Lemtrada Date

When we scheduled my first round of Lemtrada we also scheduled my second round because it was supposed to be done one year later so why not knock it out all at once and make sure that I get round 2 right on time, right? Well since my first round my neurologist has moved to a new medical clinic which means I moved as well. Here is the problem; I was no longer on a schedule for round 2. My neurologist had emailed me a while ago instructing me to call the new clinic and get on the schedule. So I called and got no answer. I called again, left a message with the supervisor in charge of the schedule and… no answer. 3 weeks later, after more calls, more message, I still had no answer.