Couldn’t Sleep – Not Insomnia This Time

The night before last sucked. I could not sleep but for once it was not because of insomnia! No, my parents are out of town and my brothers decided to have friends over and let’s just say volume control at 3am was an issue. I probably got about 2 hours of sleep, collectively, not all the way through. I would fall asleep (which takes me forever even when I am exhausted) and a sudden shout would startle me awake. I was again awoken at 4:00am and lied there for about an hour trying to fall asleep but there was just too much noise; man I wish I could pull all nighters like that again! So I finally just got up at 5am, I was in such a bad mood, if there is one thing that seems to make everyone angry it is not being able to sleep because of someone else. After taking a shower I went downstairs to make coffee and what do you know? Like vampires trying to close themselves in their coffins just before dawn, they were all shutting it in. Well I was awake so yay, awesome.

I watered the garden since it was cool enough to go outside, gave my dog his medication and then sat down with my coffee to watch the news. I felt so out of whack, so dizzy and groggy! I then went back upstairs and tried to fall asleep for a while now that the house was silent but… I was up. I could not fall back asleep! UGH! And I felt like such crap… all day… So I pretty much just sat there and watched TV all day because I could hardly walk without tipping over. I had plans to get so much done too!

So I was extra determined to get some sleep last night. I am out of cannabis oil so I took a Unisom and 2mg of Klonopin. Good night. That was great sleep but when my alarm went off? I did NOT want to get up, I kept hitting snooze until my alarm to remind me to give my dog his medication went off so I dragged myself out of bed. I still feel kind of crappy but better than yesterday.

I thought there was something I wanted to share but I can’t remember, so, oh well. I’m TRYING to get myself to write more “factual posts” about MS like I had tried doing on my old blog but no promises. I did write a post to clarify whether Lemtrada is chemo or not since that seems to be the number one un-fully-answered question online so check that one out. Hopefully I will have more to post soon, just taking it easy for now so that I can hopefully get back on top of things because life feels so out of control right now (well, it has for a while obviously)!

Matt Allen G

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2010 at the age of 20. It's been a battle ever since and I have always shared my story and struggles online!

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t Sleep – Not Insomnia This Time

  • August 28, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    Hi, Jana here and I just found your blog looking around for information from someone who is going through MS. I am in Florida and waiting for a referral to Shands in Gainesville for a diagnosis. My neuro doctor looked at my brain MRI and said, I would say you have MS except for your age. I didn’t respond because my brain wasn’t working. I found out shortly after that apt that I had collagenous colitis. So I am being treated for this now and don’t have any energy. I have been having a lot of neurological symptoms with a huge increase in pain.I am 62 but was diagnosed at 52 with Fibromyalgia.


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