Monthly Archives: August 2016

Blog Changes, Messed Up My Back and Blah

Wow! I have been so tired! Fatigued! Whatever you want to call it, I just have not wanted to even move! On top of that my vision has really sucked making me feel really dizzy (more than usual I mean). Either way I have been trying to push through it and actually get stuff done like minor chores and finally getting some work done on my blog.

I’ll be Working on This Blog

OK, so here is the deal. When I switched to this new domain (from to I had “big plans” for some new stuff but I never did anything with it because this year has just been so rough on me with my health so I totally dropped the ball. Now that I will be doing my second round of Lemtrada in a few weeks I really wanted to get it up and running the way I intended to almost a year ago so that it would still feature some content to read and look nice and pretty in case I end up feeling too terrible to write much again. So I spent all day yesterday trying to implement all the changes and publish all the content I wanted but wow, the first step, what should have been the easiest, brought about a huge problem so nothing has changed! So now I am trying to figure out how to work through this very technical issue I am having despite the fact that I pretty much have no experience in this area. So please be patient, I am trying to learn how to fix this so I can get everything up and running smoothly. In the meantime, you should check out my articles on if you have not already. Thanks for understanding!

OK, Done Talking About Feeling Like Crap…

As I sat down to write this post I looked at all my notes about what I wanted to talk about… they are all about not feeling well and that made me think, “All I have really talked about since the beginning of 2015 is how I don’t feel well”. Well guess what, nothing has really changed there so why should I write a post about the same thing over and over? No, let’s just talk about what I did all week. Try to make this a little bit more of a journal.

Couldn’t Sleep – Not Insomnia This Time

The night before last sucked. I could not sleep but for once it was not because of insomnia! No, my parents are out of town and my brothers decided to have friends over and let’s just say volume control at 3am was an issue. I probably got about 2 hours of sleep, collectively, not all the way through. I would fall asleep (which takes me forever even when I am exhausted) and a sudden shout would startle me awake. I was again awoken at 4:00am and lied there for about an hour trying to fall asleep but there was just too much noise; man I wish I could pull all nighters like that again! So I finally just got up at 5am, I was in such a bad mood, if there is one thing that seems to make everyone angry it is not being able to sleep because of someone else. After taking a shower I went downstairs to make coffee and what do you know? Like vampires trying to close themselves in their coffins just before dawn, they were all shutting it in. Well I was awake so yay, awesome.