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Is Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) Chemotherapy?

When I was first thinking about using Lemtrada for treating my Multiple Sclerosis this was the first question that came to mind. So many people told me that yes, Lemtrada was chemo. Then a bunch of people started telling me that no, it wasn’t! I could not seem to find a straight answer but I did find that a lot of people were asking this question too! I joined a huge Facebook group for people who had done Lemtrada, were going to do it and people who were just thinking about it. All the moderators (the people who ran the group) insisted that it was not a type of chemo despite all the facts I had gathered while trying to answer my own question. I was told that they did not want anyone to associate Lemtrada with chemo because it “might scare people”. Well, I was not happy with such an answer; I don’t censor the truth to satisfy someone’s agenda… That will only hurt people so I left the group because I felt that spreading the word on what they believed was a disservice to people with Multiple Sclerosis. I feel people should know all the facts when treating themselves with a new medication.

Blurry Vision, Lemtrada, Ocrelizumab

So I had two days of feeling OK, by which I mean not miserable haha… But now everything feels out of whack again. I think it’s because on Tuesday I saw my neurologist which meant leaving the air conditioned house into triple digit weather… I also ran a couple errands on the way and I think the heat just wiped me out but no matter how much I rest it doesn’t seem to affect the rate at which I recover. It take one day to screw everything up and then weeks to fix it; I have said before that it is like breaking a plate, it take two seconds to drop it and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces but then it takes days or weeks to glue it all back together and even with all the pieces in place it will never be the same again. After a relapse you never heal 100 percent; your “baseline” always changes just a little bit and over time your baseline gets progressively worse. That is the course of this disease…

What a Week!..

Seems like I have only been posting about how awful I have been feeling, well… I still don’t feel great but nothing like before. I had cut my Zoloft in half a week or two back and my doctor felt I would be fine since I was already on the lowest dose (50mg) but while I was experiencing the horrible feeling I was I decided to look up what kind of symptoms discontinuing an antidepressant could cause.

Writing, Prednisone, SSI and Wii Fit

OK this post is going to be broken up kind of weird; I have been writing little notes on sticky notes to remind me of what I want to mention here because my blog has been so uninformative for the last year or so, I just can’t seem to sit down at the end of the day and remember everything that happened so I’ll be trying to explore new blogging “techniques” to hopefully make things more interesting…