Monthly Archives: June 2016


I have not been feeling well… it has been so hot! I feel really dumb because for the longest time I was thinking my portable A/C just could not keep up with this heat because my room was hitting over 80 degrees with both my portable A/C and the house A/C! Turns out, I totally forgot that I am supposed to be cleaning out the air filter every 2 weeks or else it can’t run efficiently! I cleaned it out and yay! My room doesn’t seem to be getting above 74 (knock on wood). So hopefully that helps me not feel like total crap so I can do more than just sleep all day!

Trying to Change My Schedule

I got up at 4:00am today, I wanted to try to be awake longer when it was cool out and then try to sleep through some of the heat. I had a bunch of alarms set on my phone, one to first wake up and take a Nuvigil to see if it helped me GET up despite all my absent or negative experiences in the past. So I took a Nuvigil and lied back down and before my next alarm went off my brain was chatting so much I had to just get up. I assume that was the Nuvigil because lately I have had no problems just going back to sleep.

Survived our First REAL Heat Wave

Wow… So…. It was hot. Sunday sucked but Monday (yesterday) was even worse. It was over 80 degrees by 8am and by 10am we were already over 100; we actually held steady at 113 for most the day! I had my portable A/C running, the house A/C and my giant fan but still it was about 80 degrees in my room! The rest of the house was horrible so forget trying to go downstairs and cook! I did bust out my cooling vest for the first time in years and I will say it helped the “keep Matt cool” effort.

Feeling Better But Here Comes the Heat

Well, the last couple of days I have started feeling a bit better, I don’t have that heavy “I am sick and need to rest” feeling but the oscillopsia is still horrible. I am still pretty fatigued but it’s manageable now; worse than usual but not as bad as a few days ago. Although I do not feel like I did a few days ago I do feel like I am back to square one… My muscles (mainly my legs) do not feel as strong, as if I have not used them in weeks. My vision is back to how it was a couple months ago so I feel like all the small improvements I made over the last two or three months has been undone. So time to “start over”.