Monthly Archives: May 2016

Another Relapse – Tired of Writing About…

Another gap in my blogging, but why? Well first comes the excuse; I have been relapsing… again. I had been really fatigued after what felt like a week of insomnia and then on Tuesday (the 24th) I woke up crazy dizzy and feeling weak. The sort of dizziness that is not the result of oscillopsia. I had forgotten just how bad it could be so I guess that even though I still have remnants of these symptoms every day, I am actually doing way better than I was last year. The improvements have just been so slow I could hardly notice!

Slow Week and New A/C

OK, I am alive, I have not been active online though because I have just been so fatigued and all around feeling kind of… slow? Just unmotivated really. I have just been lying around not even wanting to move. I am not sure what it is? It has not been too hot especially since I got my new air conditioner (THANK YOU everyone who donated and helped me raise money, it would have taken me all year to save up that money on my own!). I still feel kind of “groggy” today but I was able to get myself up and a little active, by which I mean, I answered all my backed up emails and I am writing this very short post just to check in.

Youtube; Lemtrada Day 234 Update

Gabapentin = No For Me

OK, so I tried Gabapentin for my oscillopsia, I have read studies that suggest it can help some people with oscillopsia or nystagmus. 300mg three times a day. I took my first 300mg capsule Tuesday night (the day before yesterday) and then yesterday I took one at 6am, 1 at noon and 1 at 6pm. I felt pretty tired yesterday but I was mostly sitting and writing so I kind of didn’t think too much of it. Today I got up at 5, took a pill at 6 and started my morning routine. In half an hour I started feeling unusually tired and in 1 hour I was dragging myself around. I felt like when I was a child sitting in the back of the car on our way home from my grandparent’s house late at night; my eyelids were heavy and my head was bobbing as I tried to stay awake but inevitably fell asleep. Only I had just woke up so I was not about to lie in bed all day.