My Vitamin D Levels

OK, anytime I talk about any sort of MS issue with people the first thing they ask me is if I have had my vitamin D levels checked. I know they mean well but it sort of annoys me, having to explain over and over again that I know about the whole “people with Multiple Sclerosis, for whatever reason, have low vitamin D” thing. But how could they know that I know? So I need to chill a bit… it’s just me haha… I figured though, that I should post all my Vitamin D information up on my blog, I don’t have much but his is to show that yes, I have had my levels checked and I am working on it.

When I first had my vitamin D level checked (just a simple blood test) it was LOW. Normal range (LabCorp Testing) is 30.0 to 100. I was 18.7. My neurologist told me to start taking 4,000IU of vitamin D a day. 2 years later I thought “maybe I should check them again” and before I did my neurologist said I should also be taking B12 so I started taking a 5,000mcg pill once a week and a few weeks later I did my labs to check my levels. Wow! My B12 was high! Normal range is 211 to 946 and I was reading 1,521! I am sort of thinking I never needed it to begin with but I have no baseline. So obviously I cut that down, one-half once a week and we will see what that does on my next lab. After 2 years of 4,000IU a day of vitamin D, I am now only at 36.3… in range but still sort of low. So Now I am taking 8,000IUa day and when I see my neurologist I will see how much he wants me taking and when he wants to check my levels again.

I don’t think I really feel any different as a result of taking more vitamin D but obviously, our bodies need it and I am low so even if it does nothing for my MS I should still shoot for “normal” right? Then again, who’s to say that it’s not slowly helping me improve? Most things do not just happen after an hour of popping a pill and I am pretty sure no one feels a rush after taking vitamin D but I really don’t know. Either way, now you know, YES, I am monitoring and working to improve my vitamin D level as well as my B12. As labs come in over time I will keep everyone updated!

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  1. Nomorems says:

    Wow 36 after 2 years, that’s crazy low. I bet you take pills, might wanna try drops.

  2. Sue Walker says:

    I have just come home from a neurologist visit in tears. I don’t have a diagnosis yet but appear to have increasing signs of MS. I got upset because even though I went through the long list of symptoms I’m having, he wanted to test me for VitD levels. After reading your blog, now it makes sense! Kinda wish he’d explained his thinkng to me, although I suppose I could have asked, but my hope for a diagnosis and to be out of this ‘not sure what it is’ phase is getting to a ‘I don’t give a crap what happens to me’ stage.

    • From what I have heard and read over the years the limbo “I don’t have an answer” stage is the worst so I am sorry for that. What I learned very quickly (when it comes to doctors) is that you have to be like a little kid and always asks “why why why” for everything!

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