Relapse; My Angry Thoughts

As I have been saying, I am currently relapsing, almost 6 months after my first round of Lemtrada and 7-8 months after I started Aubagio and it’s been getting worse by the day. I am supposed to get my Acthar (alternative to IV steroids) today a couple weeks after my doctor ordered it because come to find out, all his nurse had to do was dial a number and get my doctor to verbally approve the prescription, a 10-minute task at the most but she was “too busy”. Well, my dad did a shift change so he could go into work later and went to my doctor’s office with the phone number and had them call and hey! Instant medication… What a difficult task! I only continued to slip downhill for 2-3 weeks but this is how healthcare is supposed to treat a Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation right? It’s not like it’s time sensitive or anything.… Anyways, as I have been getting worse by the day I have pretty much been resting and doing a lot of thinking. I am angry.

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