Feeling Better on Ritalin

I am so happy, I got a new prescription for Ritalin the other day, picked up my medication from the pharmacy last night and started taking it this morning. Last time I was on it my brain was going at light speed. After a while, it stopped working for me and I did not want to up the dose at the time, I thought I would be fine on my own. Well, my fatigue has been so bad lately! I wake up at 6:00 am and am out of energy by noon despite doing nothing! I needed some sort of medical intervention for sure!

I don’t feel all jittery with energy and my brain does not seem to be running all fast this time but I know I have energy because it’s 11:00 am and I have already got way more done than I have in the last couple of weeks. I may not feel energized but I don’t feel like falling asleep in place! Last time I was on it I took 5mg once a day. This time, I am doing 5mg twice a day and depending on how I feel after the second dose today I might try 10mg twice a day to see if it does anything for my CogFog.

And by the way, I am using Ritalin for fatigue because I have also tried Nuvigil (but that gave me horrible headaches) and Provigil (which gave me no energy but still gave me horrible insomnia) so we are going “old school” with an ADHD medication.

So now I am just waiting for my new glasses because maybe with sharper vision and more energy I will be able to get more done around the house and on this blog. I am also hoping it will help for the few times I do leave the house, like how I am going to Colorado in a couple weeks, maybe I will be able to do more and that should hopefully improve my mood and reduce my depression!



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  1. Rick says:

    I have been taking modafinil 1oomg tab once a day. It works some what, was taking 2 tabs 100mg tab. It made my heart race so I stopped and after talking with the doc I wanted to take something and a 100mg works kind of. I still go back to sleep with it even after being up for an hour sometimes just can’t tell when. Its better than nothing, I guess.

    • mattalleng@yahoo.com says:

      Yeah, for me it was hardly better than nothing… COFFEE worked better and THAT hardly helps for more than 30 minutes…

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  3. Anne Marshall says:

    Curious…. How about LDN (low dose naltrexone)? I sleep better and have more energy during the dY. I am on 4.5 mg. Glad I found your blog. Support, of any kind, is a good thing! -Anne

  4. Rick says:

    I have still been having hard time not sleeping but the last two nites I wasn’t able to sleep at all, wierd. And I was reading about another person forgeting that he just washed that part of his body when in the shower. I don’t know, really am lost do I tell the Dr that is going on for me. Its been happening alot, leave the wood stove draft wide open, same thing in the shower, and just the last severl years have I been praying and I fine that I can’t very well, I have to stop and think where was I some times 8 or ten times and it only takes me 3-4 mins before now I’m not sure 10-20 mins. I feel really lost dealing with the Va. Not getting much back from them 3 or 4 MRIs and nothing, not sure whats wrong with you. Just seem so hopeless. Sorry for going on.

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