Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Glasses and Still Been Really Fatigued

The other day I finally got my new glasses and wow, it’s amazing how fast you can grow to think that the way you see the world is normal because when I put them on everything is so much more clear! After I first received them and put them on I was walking to the car and I felt like I was going to fall into (through) everything I was looking at; it was like when all the HD TV’s first came out and you would see them on display in the store and everyone thought “wow, it looks like I am looking out a window”. So it took my eyes a couple days to adjust but they seem “stable” now except not really… See, the more fatigued I feel the crazier my vision gets and this last week the “Lemtrada fatigue” has been so horrible so my vision has been all over the place.

Oh Coffee, How Foolish of Me to Think I Could Live Without You!

OK, I may have been a little premature in celebrating the fact that I got a new prescription for Ritalin. Yes, I felt pretty decent the first day though I felt nothing like I did when I was on it a couple years ago. “Maybe I have just built a tolerance and need a higher dose?” I thought. So after I wrote that post the other day I doubled the dose, 10 mg and then, a few hours later, I took a third dose of 10 mg. It just did not seem to be doing what it should have; what it did the last time I was on it. The next day (yesterday) I started at 10 mg in the morning and then 15 mg at noon. Despite all that I was still crazy tired like any other day and decided there was no point in taking a third dose.

Feeling Better on Ritalin

I am so happy, I got a new prescription for Ritalin the other day, picked up my medication from the pharmacy last night and started taking it this morning. Last time I was on it my brain was going at light speed. After a while, it stopped working for me and I did not want to up the dose at the time, I thought I would be fine on my own. Well, my fatigue has been so bad lately! I wake up at 6:00 am and am out of energy by noon despite doing nothing! I needed some sort of medical intervention for sure!

Matt’s MS is Back!

Yes! It has been a while! The longest break from blogging I have taken since I started blogging in 2010 right after my diagnosis! Well, I took a break for many reasons but let’s start with the most obvious; my new blog! I wanted a “fresh start” and since I started out on blogger, a free blogging website, I thought I would try the more “professional” blogging platform WordPress. You probably won’t notice many differences at first because I tried to make this blog look like what my old blog looked like which was surprisingly more difficult than I thought it would be – who would have thought? Maybe this is just too new for me but I don’t know, it’s up. So let’s do some catching up.