The Burning Fire Called MS

I have had this image in my head for a while that I have
been using to describe what I have felt was going on within my body. I wonder
if I am the only one who really feels this way? I feel as though “MS” is a
small flame that is always burning inside me. This flame represents
inflammation and though it may always be there it is usually a small enough
flame that no real damage is done, like a pilot light on the stove or water
heater. Then I have moments where I am either relapsing or flaring up and to me it feels like that small flame got
cranked up to a blaze. So I try to just rest it off but soon the fire is out of
control and that is when I need steroids. There may be different means of
“containing” a flare up and bringing that blaze back down to a small flame but
to me they are all just different sized buckets of water used to extinguish the
fire. Solu-Medrol may be the largest bucket of water available and though the
flames no longer feel like they are actively
burning the damage they did has still yet to be repaired. Point is, right
before my 3 days of steroids I could actually feel something going on inside me
like when you are getting sick; how you can feel that gross feeling in the back
of your throat or deep in your chest. I could feel my body was inflamed but now it doesn’t feel that way, just
burnt remains.

Do you feel this way ever?

2 thoughts on “The Burning Fire Called MS

  • September 4, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    A lot of what you describe, we all feel.I Know when trouble is coming. The first thing I DO IS DRINK A MIXTURE OF the indian spice tumeric (1 tablespoons)with orange juice .Then I LAY DONE and put a book on tape to listen to.The tumeric cuts inflamation. It tastes like crap but it works.There's almost no ms in India. The book gives me something else to think about.A good book for you is the book called the abominable by dan simmons.It is set on a snowy mountain.Next listen to on youtube the 529 hz music .It can stop an exacerbation.I realizise things are tuff .I called my doc ,their just starting lemtrada and there's snags and delays.You are NOT ALONE.A few people have started and their happy.Did you know that you need vit c to absorb vit d and produce key parts of you spine .It sounds simple vit c ,vitd3 supplement tumeric ,and listening to music and a book.Your healing seems so far away ,but it really isn't.Your lucky there even is anything .If this was 3 years ago ,well you know.Your body is young it has the resources to heal.Once the lemtrada gets a chance ,then ,well you know.Look how different the world and science is today.At least consider some of my ideas .Bye the way don't eat corn ,soy or spinach for a while .Ask you r doc how to handle gluten before and after the lemtrada some people get celiac from campath.WHEN YOUR ON YOUTUBE THERE'S A SONG BY THE KINKS BETTER THINGS .TRY TO LISTEN TO IT .I THINK THE DAY WILL COME when it will be a song you love and remember. Good luck .Dee

  • September 9, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, but thank you, I will look intro some of that. I already take C and D and listen to music and books on tape to ty to "relax". Thanks,


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