I am so Dizzy Today

I was hoping that after that last round of steroids I would
slowly see some positive progress in my health. Guess not. I woke up feeling so
dizzy today! At first I was in denial but at this point I am certain that I
have not been this dizzy ever. I barely move my head left or right and it feels
like the world keeps moving even after I stop my head. Tracking my eyes is so
difficult; I am typing on the computer and I look up on the screen for an icon
of some sort but it takes me forever to find it. It’s like my eyes have to
slowly scan every inch of the screen! Reading is not easy either. Walking is
miserable; I feel like I am going to fall in whatever direction my body is
leaning. My legs feel week, which also makes not falling over hard because I have no strength in my calves to
push against my toes to properly orient myself. Still, the worst is the
dizziness. I feel so dizzy and almost lightheaded just sitting here not moving
a single inch. Again, it’s like I was spinning in a swivel chair and abruptly
stopped to try to get up and walk away. As far as my visual acuity goes I feel
like there is always a small spot in my vision that I can see through and focus
on as if I have tunnel vision and everything outside the walls of this tunnel
are blurry and moving instead of dark and black. If I lie down on my stomach propped
up on my arms with my eyes closed and my head down I can feel my vestibular
system going crazy; everything spins and I am overcome by such a strong sense
of g-force. I am really over this crap…

3 thoughts on “I am so Dizzy Today

  • September 5, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    read your email.I HAD THAT and I'M going to tell you what they did for me

  • September 6, 2015 at 4:26 am

    Hey Matt,
    I'm freshly diagnosed with MS as of the beginning of August. I want to let you know that your blogs have truly been a lot of help in the sense of all your b/s that you have been threw with your previous doctors. It's inspired me to take charge of how I approach this disease because like yourself I don't want to end up in a wheel at in earlie age. (26 now) I will keep you in my prayers man. I cant wait to hear, when things are getting better for you. Hope to be friends because I don't have anyone that understands what I'm going threw. I tell people I have MS and they just say "oh dont worry I heard people live a long time and they have come so far with the medicines" and it annoys me because they don't understand the pain because they don't see and feel what me or anyone else goes through. Anyways keep us up to date on being off the cannabis oil and If your back on it now that the steroids have worn off. Thanks bud

    Drew – Maine

  • September 9, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Hey, sorry, for some reason I am no longer getting email alerts to comments so I just saw this. Add me on Facebook man, I have hundreds of friends with MS who know exactly how you feel. Don't just like my page or message me there, actually add ME


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