Zoster Vax & Edible Cannabis

I finally got the Zoster vaccination (for shingles) so now I
just have to wait 6 weeks until I can do Lemtrada. So glad that I have
something to count down to. It will be even better when I have an actual date
on the calendar haha…
So while I am waiting on that I found something to help “pass
the time”. I decided to get my “medicinal marijuana card” the other day. I
thought there would be a slightly lengthy process that would involve submitting
an application to the state before I could actually purchase anything but nope,
20 minutes later I had everything I needed to get what ever I wanted.
Now I am not interested in getting high, I am interested in
the ant inflammatory properties of CBD (which can actually cross the blood
brain barrier) but because I thought I would have to wait a while before I
could buy anything I was not prepared with research. So I was not sure what
exactly I was specifically looking for… so I just bought a brownie.
I went into this with an open mind but still pretty skeptical. If medication didn’t work why would a stupid plant? The stoner kid in
the shop said to just take a bite. ONE
because half was enough to screw him
up. Since I was skeptical I ate a quarter of the brownie… Yep, that was too
much. That is some potent stuff! I am
not too sure how it affected my symptoms because it knocked me out; like 50mg
of intravenous Benadryl haha… I took a little less before bed and I slept pretty
well and didn’t have to get up to use the restroom; that was a nice change.
Sleeping all the way through the night; I am not used to that… It is weird… I
mean… Nice?
So anyways, I am not sure what strain of cannabis that was
but it definitely was full of THC. So now I have to find a specific strain with
high levels of CBD that may help various symptoms without making me feel high.
Funny though, this is nothing like alcohol or what people have tried instilling
in my mind about cannabis. Just as I suspected it feels much safer… especially
compared to most the medication I have been prescribed like candy over the years.
I will write about the moral debate regarding cannabis for
medicinal use later but for now just know; I have tried everything else to get
some symptom relief and I was pretty much out of options so I decided to give
this a try.
It has peaked my

9 Responses to Zoster Vax & Edible Cannabis

  1. Oh wow haha although i am originally frim Holland,brown cookies are everywhere…but never had them.Suprised you got them so easy…..feeling high all day I don't know lol

    • Yeah I can not take it during the day or else I just fall asleep haha. I only take it at night because I do not want to feel high. I just want to sleep and not get up throughout the night to run to the restroom! haha.

  2. haha yeah, what ever I had was good for NIGHT so I can sleep and next Ill try something that may help spasticity but I don't want the high. There is a science to it, I just have to learn it in order to actually give this a shot.

  3. Cam H. says:

    Just a suggestion: ingesting weed is MUCH more potent. If you don't want to be violently too high, pick up a pipe.

  4. Was told have to pay $300 for that card. That being said, decided not to try it.

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