The Culprit to My Current Hell

I finally picked up the disk of my MRI from March of 2015. I had already seen this slide in my neurologist’s office but now I can show you what my brain looked like when this “relapse” was not even that bad! The report states “There is a new 1.6 centimeter hyperintense T2 lesion involving the left cerebellar preduncle” and though there are a couple other new lesions throughout my brain this is the largest and the one causing me all my grief. So really it is the only one I really care about right now. Specifically speaking it is the one causing my dizziness and visual symptoms (like vertigo). Again, this was done in march when thing were really not that bad. Things are incredibly worse now so I can only wonder if this lesion looks any different over 4 months later since it has progressed so much.

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