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Oscillopsia – SSI – I have Had Zero Motivation

Wow. I just have no motivation anymore. I am just so tired. I don’t want to write and when I do I can’t think of what I want to say or how to say it. My cognitive function is just horrible. I literally feel like I would achieve just as much if I was in a coma. All I can think about is getting Lemtrada. I am just hoping that the steroids I get with it are enough to start fixing this vision crap, I am just so over it.

Zoster Vax & Edible Cannabis

I finally got the Zoster vaccination (for shingles) so now I just have to wait 6 weeks until I can do Lemtrada. So glad that I have something to count down to. It will be even better when I have an actual date on the calendar haha… So while I am waiting on that I found something to help “pass the time”. I decided to get my “medicinal marijuana card” the other day. I thought there would be a slightly lengthy process that would involve submitting an application to the state before I could actually purchase anything but nope, 20 minutes later I had everything I needed to get what ever I wanted. Now I am not interested in getting high, I am interested in the ant inflammatory properties of CBD (which can actually cross the blood brain barrier) but because I thought I would have to wait a while before I could buy anything I was not prepared with research. So I was not sure what exactly I was specifically looking for… so I just bought a brownie. Wow. I went into this with an open mind but still pretty skeptical

The Culprit to My Current Hell

I finally picked up the disk of my MRI from March of 2015. I had already seen this slide in my neurologist’s office but now I can show you what my brain looked like when this “relapse” was not even that bad! The report states “There is a new 1.6 centimeter hyperintense T2 lesion involving the left cerebellar preduncle” and though there are a couple other new lesions throughout my brain this is the largest and the one causing me all my grief. So really it is the only one I really care about right now. Specifically speaking it is the one causing my dizziness and visual symptoms (like vertigo). Again, this was done in march when thing were really not that bad. Things are incredibly worse now so I can only wonder if this lesion looks any different over 4 months later since it has progressed so much.

My Symptoms, Medication and What is Going On

Still no better.  I feel like I am just wasting time saying that. My vision felt like it was at least “leveling out” the other day and I was getting around OK but the next morning it went back to sucking. You know, at this point I am not sure what to call my vision; what I am experiencing fits into the definition of both dizziness and Oscillopsia so I am never sure what to call it, I have just been switching around haha…. I see a neuro- ophthalmologist at the end of the month so hopefully that will shed some light on what ever this is so I know what to call it. I want to do a post purely on trying to describe my vision and how it feels so I will do that soon. I am still trying to think of ways to make it a little more simple to understand. For now just know that moving around makes it worse which means all I really want to do is sit or lie down depending on how fatigued I am. My balance is horrible; I do