I Think I am Done With IVIG

OK, it’s official; IVIG is causing me miserable side effects. I was not sure if it was just a coincidence but after 3 time there is a clear pattern. For about 3 days after an IVIG infusion I seem to almost relapse. I am dizzy, my vision is worse and I am so fatigued! So not only does it screw me up but I don’t seem to have any positive effects from this treatment which is really disappointing. I think I am done. It’s just not worth it to me. After an infusion I am out for about three days! What if I would slowly be healing without it and it sets me back enough that I just can’t reach my target recovery? I don’t know? All I know is I am trying to reduce my dizziness and improve my vision but after I finish an IVIG infusion I get more dizzy and my vision gets worse. Somewhat counterproductive wouldn’t you agree?

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