Tysabri IVIG Acthar Personal Trainer

I saw my neurologist today who confirmed that I have oscillopsia with a slight horizontal Nystagmus; it is very settle though. He saw it with his ophthalmoscope (I think that is what it is called) so that to me illustrates how subtle it is. Anyways, as I presumed, nothing I can do but wait. He said I have obviously improved since last time so I should not worry. They got me on the phone with the Acthar people and it is being shipped to arrive Thursday. That is what I think will help the most in my visual recovery which will help everything else like a domino effect so I am eager for that. My neurologist also got me on the phone with a personal trainer he likes. Not a physical therapist, a personal trainer. He feels I am past what physical therapy can do for me and have to start pushing it further which I am all for. So I see him tomorrow for an evaluation. He does house calls so that is good since I can not drive right now haha…

While I received my 26th  infusion of Tysabri I talked to the IVIG people on the phone. Looks like I will have a nurse here on Friday to infuse my IVIG over an action packed 6 hours! Hey this is good. Personal trainer tomorrow, Acthar on Thursday and IVIG on Friday. You can’t really attack MS any more aggressively than that haha!
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