Update (Attempt) – Relapse/Rebound

I still can’t see so this will be very basic. I had double
vision for a while, oscillopsia (with nausea), all topped off with blurred
vision. Vision is still very blurry and slightly doubled (maybe oscillopsia
again but not as severe; no nausea) .
I was so nauseous I could hardly eat or even move my head
left or right. Weight loss, yay! My balance is horrible but I ditched the
walker and am back on the cane.
I feel like if my vision would get better everything else
would follow. I rely on my vision so much for balance…
I need to start working my legs out because that is where I
can tell I have lost the most muscle mass; I really feel it when trying to get
up from (lets say) sitting on the floor. But without vision I don’t have the
balance to do things like squats, hell, I can barely get around some days.
This mostly started with motor issues like the inability to
produce rapidly repeating/alternating movements on my left side only. Now it’s
either not as bad or masked by all my visual and balance symptoms.
This is not nearly as bad as when I spent all that time in
the hospital/physical rehab back in 2012 but this is definitely second place… Doesn’t
help when insurance denies things and my doctor’s office doesn’t want to do
anything. I should have stayed in Colorado, risked PML, and found a new
neurologist out there because I would have avoided all of this. Oh well, if I
can go to school and start an actual career I can move back with lots of
money/stability and a reliable car so it will work out; I am just really

That’s it for now, my eyes hurt, even on this big screen I
am using (see picture above).

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