Insomnia; IVIG, Just Kidding!

I used to have insomnia
issues all the time when I was first
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis but after a while it let up. Last night (for
whatever reason) it got me good. I still can’t really see so I lost track of
the time since my clock is on the other side of my room. I went to bed at
9:00pm and just laid there waiting to drift off as I listened to the History
channel as I do every night. I turn the screen off so it’s just sound, no light
to keep me awake.
I knew I had been up a while
as the sleep timer kept turning the TV off and I am never up to see/hear the TV
turn off. Eventually I fell asleep around 4:00am and then I woke up; I could
hear my Dad getting ready for work, which meant it was 5:00am. I got up and saw
the time: 5:00. Not like he was loud, I always sleep through it but for some
reason, the one time I should be
completely knocked out, I woke up. Could I go back to sleep? Nope, I was
wide-awake again! What the heck?
I stayed in bed till about
9:30 wondering why I didn’t just get up to take something that would knock me
out and then I got up. I felt a little more off balance than I have been lately
and my vision was a little more… whatever it is right now. So because I only
got about an hour of sleep I feel like I have taken a step backwards instead of
I knew I had to stay up till
9:00pm (at the least) in order to not screw up my schedule so I took some
Ritalin and made some coffee. I still feel like a Zombie and that bed of mine
is calling me like the ring  (Lord of the
Rings reference haha). I have to fight it! 6 more hours or so to go… Oh yeah, I
have had a headache all day, it came on before I even got out of bed so that
has been lovely.
It’s so hard to want to do
anything when your feeling “MS sick” but when you are running on an hours worth
of sleep and you have a headache on top of it all? I have no idea why I am even
writing. Trying to stay busy I suppose.
Oh yeah, for the last few
days I have been trying to get around the house without my cane. I am bouncing
into walls and rather unstable but hey, I could not walk like this a week ago;

Oh yeah again, I almost
forgot. I got my IVIG stuff Friday night because they wanted to do my infusion
on Saturday. This has been interesting. First of all they never called me to
ask what I need so they sent me everything including a new IV pole and IV pump.
My old pump was nice and small but this one is the big green one they use in
hospitals. What is funny is this new pump weighs a lot, like a car battery, and the pole they sent with it? It’s
super cheap aluminum, thin, it feels like the handle to a Swiffer. I put the
pump on the old IV pole I have (which is made of steel) and even that was starting to bend! Supplies; I
have so much tubing, alcohol swabs, syringes, needles, gloves, gauze, etc. I am
running out of space! I could have done two infusions and still had leftover
supplies before they sent me more!
Now I really am ready for the zombie apocalypse, they even sent me a couple
vials of epinephrine so I am totally set! The nurse never showed up on Saturday
and no one could get ahold of the nurse scheduler to find out why so that
didn’t happen. I swear, if I could see well enough I would have just infused it
myself! (Just kidding… kind of)

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