Writing Takes Discipline; What is new with Me?

The one thing I learned when I used to work on fictional
writing projects is that writing really does take discipline. Once you establish
a routine you have to stick to it. When you are struggling with writer’s block
or motivation you still have to sit there with everything ready to go even if
you end up sitting there for an hour or two accomplishing nothing. Well I have
lost my discipline. I have not been writing and I can give you a thousand
excuses why not but really what it comes down to, is I just haven’t wanted to;
I have not been motivated – I lost my discipline. I need to get it back.
So let me try to let everyone know what has been going on
lately; well what I can remember at least.
I am obviously back in California. I decided to stay with my
parents again and I will explain why, just keep reading. I had to come back
because my health was taking some weird turns and my doctors out there were
dragging their feet on the matter. I needed a proactive doctor who I trusted to
know what they were doing. I also had no support system; no one I could depend
on and when I realized my health could be taking a horrible turn for the worst
that really scared me.
Yes, I know I already mentioned all of this but just trying
to recap. I got a new car. A 2010 Kia Forte and it had about 28,000 miles on it
when I got it so now I have a reliable form of transportation that gets great
gas mileage, especially when compared to my old truck. So this will open a lot of doors
and make life way easier.
I decided to stay with my parents because I am going to go
back to school. I could never do that if I was trying to work a job and stress
over bills like rent. I will be going to complete the Occupational Therapy Assistant
program. I am finally ready, I know what I want in life and I can’t get that
with a job in retail nor can I get any sort of satisfaction in life without a
meaningful (to me) career.
I was kind of stressed the other day because come to find
out AT&T changed our insurance on us without telling us. Now I am on a PPO
instead of an HMO so I am worried as to how that will affect my medical life. A
high co-pay is to be expected but what will happen with my Tysabri and
prescriptions? Physical therapy? A lot of unknowns which we all hate don’t we?
Still Waiting for
My last infusion of Tysabri was at the beginning of November… They are having issues with some sort of authorization… I can feel
that I am much less stable. I would say I have had 2 official relapses in the
last 4 weeks or so. Last one was nothing serious, just felt dizzy for a day or
two. I should be getting Acthar soon but I really just want to get my Tysabri
before I make it into “rebound territory”.
Also Waiting to See
I am also waiting to see my neurologist so I can get an MRI
and spinal tap along with whatever blood work he feels I need. I also want/need
some refills on some prescriptions which I will probably just call/email his
office about. Almost out of Klonopin and I have been without Ritalin for almost
2 months and I have been so tired! If I am returning back to school I need
something for sure!
New Blog

Yes, I have been working on a new blog that I was hoping to
have launched by now but because I have been so tired it’s really hard to find
the motivation to sit and write. I am trying to get back on track but… tired.
Hopefully I can get a refill on my medication soon so I can feel up and running

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