I am SO Fatigued!

OK, not much new to share. I talked to my neurologist’s
office yesterday and they are still waiting on some authorization stuff for my
Tysabri. I did ask for some refills
on some medication that I am about out of. They are under my doctor’s name in
Colorado so they would technically be new
prescriptions. The Klonopin I am not worried about but my neurologist doesn’t
like to prescribe Ritalin, which I understand, but I have tried so many other
things with no luck. Ritalin really did
work and obviously I did not become addicted to it.
I am just so
fatigued. It’s been bad the last few weeks but today especially; I woke up not even 3 hours ago and already feel like lying down! I have been living on coffee and it’s
really not doing anything anymore. I either need an espresso machine or a way
to infuse it via an IV! I have Nuvigil still but the reason I have so much left
over is the side effects I get were just not worth it; jumpy/jittery and a
racing heart. Not to mention popping a pill is like playing Russian Roulette
only instead of a possible bullet I risk a possible migraine.
I am not sure what to do, I feel so unproductive, lazy, I
just don’t want to do anything because all I have to do is computer work and
sitting in front of the computer does not help me wake up. It’s depressing! I
need to be active but there is nothing to do out here! Even sitting here and
writing this is… well… I can’t think of what I am writing mid sentence and it
took so much energy to even write this tiny post. I need something to help this because if I can’t get anything but Nuvigil
I am screwed for school!

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