Monthly Archives: January 2015

I’m Relapsing; Can Hardly See or Walk

I am going to be short and to the point. I am in a bad mood and don’t feel like writing or doing anything really. The last few days have not gone well for me. I was dizzy but not enough to get in my way. I pushed through it, in fact, I could still drive. But come yesterday I rapidly started falling apart. I woke up really dizzy. Even when I was not moving (as before the dizziness only struck when I moved around too fast) the world was spinning. This made walking really hard. I kept stumbling over and towards the end of the day I had to dig out my cane from my storage. I feel helpless again; I forgot the feeling.

FINALLY; A Small Step Forward

I got the process of switching back to my neurologist going back in December, I moved back to California, have had several minor relapses (still having one now) and nothing happened. I called often; nothing. I finally ran out of my prescriptions and I was making due without my Ritalin (for energy), by drinking too much coffee and still wanting to sleep come 7pm, but when I ran out of Klonopin it was too much

I am SO Fatigued!

OK, not much new to share. I talked to my neurologist’s office yesterday and they are still waiting on some authorization stuff for my Tysabri. I did

Writing Takes Discipline; What is new with Me?

The one thing I learned when I used to work on fictional=&0=&