No More Truck for Matt

Yup. My truck died on me. I noticed a severe reduction in power one day. Still I made it to work and back. The next day it was driving the same and about ¾ the way to work the engine shut off. I pulled over and it would not start. My friend helped me tow it to his house with his Jeep since he lived right there. I rented a car and it took me around 24 hours to get that sucked towed to the shop my friend works at. No compression in Cylinder 3 and one other cylinder had very little compression. Not sure what is causing the dead cylinder but the car Is too old to survive only being half rebuilt and since I can’t afford 3-5 thousand bucks for a new engine the car is done. Not sure what to do as I am not the kind of person to knowingly deceive someone (and cause them to experience what I am now) but I need a car to get to work. The bus system is a joke and not an option is sub zero temperatures. I spent all my money, all my savings, and maxed out all my credit card to pay for the rental, the tow, and the shop fees. I am so tired of buying used cars from private sellers, I always get screwed over somehow. This is extra disappointing because this was my “dream car” as a teen to work on. A co-worker helped me get around today and she is giving me a ride to work tomorrow and she wants to help however she can but how long can I expect her to do that? She is such a nice lady but I hate to be a burden.

I don’t know what I am going to do yet, I work a short shift tomorrow and a full shift the next day and then I have a 3 day weekend to figure something out. Man, every time I think I am getting ahead I fall further behind. This sucks. It can always be worse though… Sorry I was so short, I am stressed and super bummed I feel defeated.
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