Trying to Get Settled Still

OK, I have been absent for a long while. I have had a decent excuse but now I have had enough of it; I want to move towards what I enjoy (and feel I should be) doing in life. All I can think about is JK Rowling and her story of going “from rags to riches”. She had an idea that started on a napkin, she worked on it on the bus while on her way to work, and typed her manuscript for harry potter on an old typewriter; you know, the kind where you literally had to punch the keys? I have a laptop and a little free time so I need to get creative. I am going to try a few things out like writing up a post at home and then taking my laptop to work (where I have Wi-Fi) and posting my blog there. I have an actual locker that I can store my laptop in till I go home. I am supposed
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