MS Fatigue and Lassitude

“Lassitude is the more severe type of MS-related fatigue. Fatigue is a 
common and debilitating symptom of multiple sclerosis.”

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  1. Your article on MS Fatigue and Lasstitude on was excellent.
    Thank you Matt Allen, you have put into words what I have tried for over a year to explain. Also a way to explain to my Neurologist I’m not just MS fatigue but note like Lassitude though I’m sure that he understands bc he has me on 200 mg Provigual (Nuvigual didn’t work as well for me) & 100 mg Amantidine in am and another 200 mg of Amantidine at noon. With not much relief by
    4 pm most days I HAVE to lay down. Looking forward to read more of your articles. šŸ‘

    • Matt Allen G says:

      See for ME provigil did nothing but nuvigil sort of helps. It amps me up too much and makes my balance horrible so I try not to use it often. Do you feel lke adding amantadine helps? I have never thought tp try the combo?

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