Been Busy; Parents Visited, Went Camping, Knees Hurt

Wow, I have not been writing… AT ALL. I have just been so
busy and tired I just want to sleep when I have a minute free! Even now, I am
hungry, I need to eat, but I am trying to write this post while not laying down
and knocking out… So… let me catch you up.
Last weekend my parents drove over from California to visit
and bring me all my stuff from storage that I was holding till I was almost
ready to move out. We went to Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. I had to work
every day they were here except ONE but my shifts were pretty short so we still
got to spend a good amount of time together. I enjoyed it.
Huge smile, I know lol…

The day before yesterday I went camping with some friends in
southeast Colorado Springs at a place called Phantom Canyon. The next day we
got up and drove to an old mining town called Victor; we ate and walked around
a bit, which was nice. I like taking pictures of old things but I seriously
have not used my camera in so long I was forgetting how to make it do what I
wanted to do… Rusty that fast? Wow…

 Lastly, my knees have been hurting since I started working
and they have been getting worse and worse! If I did not mention it already, I
lost a lot of weight since I moved and started working; about 25 pounds (11kg)!
I think I lost a lot of muscle mass in my legs so now my knees are taking all
the force of each step instead of muscle… Today I wore a knee brace to work and
it felt so good! So I am pretty sure that is what’s up; I need to get some sort
of exercise routine back into play and I definitely need to gain all that
weight back because this just sucks…
I bought Glucosamine today so I will start taking that at
night and see if I notice a difference after a while. I also have to build my
leg muscles back up specifically anything that supports the knee. I have a lot
to do actually and I feel like I have no time or energy to do it all… Well, I
am working on a bit of a plan right now so if it all works out, it will make
life a little easier… we will see.

That’s it for now, sorry, I have to eat and go to bed so I
can work in the morning! (BY THE WAY; I will respond to all you comments and emails as soon as I can!)

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