Been Busy; Parents Visited, Went Camping, Knees Hurt

Wow, I have not been writing… AT ALL. I have just been so busy and tired I just want to sleep when I have a minute free! Even now, I am hungry, I need to eat, but I am trying to write this post while not laying down and knocking out… So… let me catch you up. Last weekend my parents drove over from California to visit and bring me all my stuff from storage that I was holding till I was almost ready to move out. We went to Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. I had to work every day they were here except ONE but my shifts were pretty short so we still got to spend a good amount of time together. I enjoyed it.
Huge smile, I know lol…

The day before yesterday I went camping with some friends in southeast Colorado Springs at a place called Phantom Canyon. The next day we got up and drove to an old mining town called Victor; we ate and walked around a bit, which was nice. I like taking pictures of old things but I seriously have not used my camera in so long I was forgetting how to make it do what I wanted to do… Rusty that
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