Working Early is Great for My MS

I am a morning person. I have always been a morning person. In high school I was always up at 5:30 or 6 no matter how late I stayed up. I didn’t like to sleep; now I need my 8 hours, a Nuvigil, and sometimes a coffee just to get by.
Working retail has really hurt my sleep schedule; I am finding myself thinking at a million miles per hour when I lay down and try to sleep; it’s so annoying! Basic over the counter sleeping medication doesn’t really do anything now! I blame this on my inconsistent schedule. I don’t have a routine anymore so my body doesn’t know if I have to stay up till 11pm or fall asleep by 9pm…
Today I worked from 6am to 2:30pm. A lot of people might think that sucks but again, I am a morning person. I got mostly everything ready last night, woke up at 5 and left by 5:30 to get there about 10 minutes early. Now, I took my Nuvigil around 5:20 so by time I started working it was kicking in. I felt like I could get so much done! It was like I was running purely on the energy of Nuvigil and not my (very limited) “personal stash” that I usually try to work on. Because I felt like I actually had the energy I needed the day went by so fast. “Already time for my brake? My lunch? I was supposed to take my last brake 30 minutes ago?” I worked an 8-hour shift but it felt like 4; I wasn’t exhausted so it didn’t feel like time was ticking by twice as slow.
By time I got home I felt like I had as much energy as I normally do going into work and it was only 3:00pm! I had so much time to do what ever I wanted! Like write! Usually after an 8 hour shift I feel exhausted and just want to sleep but not today! Today was a great day! That’s a lot of exclamation marks!
I work at 8:30 tomorrow, not sure what time we open since it’s Labor Day but 8:30 is better than 9-4 or 2-10. The thing is, I feel like I could do any shift as long as it was consistent; same time every day on the same days instead of different times on different days. Having to take my medication at different times everyday sucks, especially the Nuvigil, it’s best to take it at the same time every day and from what I learned today, its best to take it right before work!
I can’t always do that though; I can’t take it before work at 2:00pm because I will be up all night and not get enough sleep to work at 8 the next day. I need a steady job, that way I can create a routine; wake up, take medication, work out, shower, eat, work. Hopefully by time I can move down to Colorado Springs I can find something like that…

All I know is there is no such thing as “consistency” in retail so for now I am just going to work as much as I can, save all my money, build a good reputation, and hopefully be able to find a better (more consistent) job once I move. Fingers crossed!

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