Does My Medication Cause My Teeth to Weaken?

So. Yesterday morning. My long awaited
day off. I sit down to eat breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese.  I take a few bites and then a couple sips of
coffee. I take another bite and all of a sudden my soft bagel becomes a crunchy
bagel. Oh no… I knew that sound, that texture, that feeling. I spit into my
hand and sure enough; pieces of teeth. “What the heck!” I thought, only with a
much more colorful assortment of adjectives. My teeth? AGAIN?? How? I
was not biting anything hard, I have not been grinding my teeth, I brush at
least 2-3 times a day, and I don’t eat sweets so how was this happening?!?
I felt around my mouth with my tongue
expecting a front tooth to have chipped again; they were fine. As I moved my
tongue back further I felt it; my top left molar had a chunk missing. How the
heck? I was eating a bagel!
I got in contact with my friend’s
girlfriend (who is a dental assistant) and I made an appointment with
her work. I have had horrible experiences with previous dentists as many of you
know so I wanted to see someone I trusted. I got an appointment that afternoon
so I had all day to feel this horrible crater and think about how much this was
going to cost me since I don’t have dental insurance. I was certain they would
need to cap it so I was expecting at least $1,200. Great, why now? I am already
tight on cash!
So I go in and they did a couple of
X-Rays (as seen above). Turns out, I had a cavity that basically caved in! I
also had a second but much smaller cavity right next to that tooth! I have had ONE
cavity in my entire life and that was the first time I ever saw the dentist
maybe 17 years ago or so. Never again did I have a cavity, especially not in my
“adult” teeth!
I asked what could have caused it when I
am so careful with my teeth and don’t eat much sugar or sweets. She said there
are many things that can lead to cavities such as genetic predispositions or
medications… I had posted on Facebook yesterday asking if anyone else had
brittle teeth; I saw several comments claiming Tysabri could be the cause of
this. I have also been on more steroids in 2 years then most people have in a
decade so that could have caused a lower bone density in my teeth… I am not
sure. Now I have to look into this Tysabri claim because if it is true I have
no idea what I will do because I don’t want all my teeth to crumble to pieces
like my many recurring nightmares… seriously… they are horrible…
Well, they were able to fill it so that
was good. If you look at that image above you can see how close the break was
to a nerve; guess I was lucky in that sense! I have also been paying for a
dental discount plan (not insurance) and that actually took $200-300 off my
bill so it came out to a bit over $300. I maxed out all my credit cards and
dipped into my checking account; awesome, I was already really tight on
money, feeling bad about my credit, and I had things I needed that money for.
What ever, it could have been worse; it could have exposed that nerve, I could
have NOT had a car, I could still be jobless and unable to pay, and… I
don’t know, I could have been on fire. So I am thankful. Look where I was 6
months ago and where I am now; which is a better spot? I would say now for
sure. Nothing is ever perfect; life will always throw curve balls at you. My
teeth are fixed and I am making a decent amount of money so it’s all going to
work out. It’s just a small bump in the road that is pointing downhill instead
of uphill.

2 thoughts on “Does My Medication Cause My Teeth to Weaken?

  • August 20, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    I just had a capped tooth pulled, tooth rotted under the cap! If I had it to do over I'd of just left the tooth with the temporary filling, taken my chances and saved a boatload of coin!


  • August 21, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Well, I just spoke with my previous neurologist (the one I refer to as an MS genius) and he said the only thing he could find linking Tysabri to tooth problems was that "periodontal disease occurred more frequently than in the general population" so idk, that sort of marks that one off the list for now.


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