Fitting Back in To Life; The Difficulty

If you have been reading my blog you know I recently started working a job; retail, pretty much full time. It’s almost been 3 weeks since I started working and I very quickly learned a few things; I missed the responsibly of working and earning my own money, being busy helps keep my fatigue at bay, I don’t miss retail work, and lastly, people in everyday life don’t understand a chronic disease at all. I am both happy/grateful to be working and horribly depressed at the same time. Yes. It feels great to be earning money on my own again. To not rely on a government check and be able to work for every penny; to earn an amount of money that reflects how much I work, it feels great. I missed that so much! Having it back feels great for that reason and because I was pretty much told I could not do something like this by a doctor. I love proving people (who think they know it all) wrong. I’m not
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