Does My Medication Cause My Teeth to Weaken?

So. Yesterday morning. My long awaited day off. I sit down to eat breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese.  I take a few bites and then a couple sips of coffee. I take another bite and all of a sudden my soft bagel becomes a crunchy bagel. Oh no… I knew that sound, that texture, that feeling. I spit into my hand and sure enough; pieces of teeth. “What the heck!” I thought, only with a much more colorful assortment of adjectives. My teeth? AGAIN?? How? I was not biting anything hard, I have not been grinding my teeth, I brush at least 2-3 times a day, and I don’t eat sweets so how was this happening?!? I felt around my mouth with my tongue expecting a front tooth to have chipped again; they were fine. As I moved my tongue back further I felt it; my top left molar had a chunk missing. How the heck? I was eating a bagel! I got in contact with my friend’s girlfriend (who is a dental assistant) and I made an appointment with her work. I have had horrible experiences with previous dentists as many of you know so I wanted to see someone I trusted. I got an appointment that afternoon so I had all day to feel this horrible crater and think about how much this was going to cost me since I don’t have dental insurance. I was certain they would need to cap it so I was expecting at least $1,200. Great, why now? I am already tight on cash! So I go in and they did a couple of X-Rays (as seen above). Turns out, I had a cavity that basically caved in! I also had a second but much smaller cavity right next to that tooth! I have had cavity in my entire life and that was the first time I ever saw the dentist maybe 17 years ago or so. Never again did I have a cavity, especially not in my “adult” teeth! I asked what could have caused it when I am so careful with my teeth and don’t eat much sugar or sweets. She said there are many things that can lead to cavities such as genetic predispositions or medications… I had posted on Facebook
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