Was I/Am I Sick? I Bought a Truck!

OK, so again, work has been crazy which is why I have not been blogging. LUCKILY it looks like my schedule is finally balancing out. Instead of a bunch of broken up shifts at various times of the day it looks like I have full time shifts for the next 2 weeks. This week I work mostly in the morning and next week mostly in the evening. I can do a sleep schedule adjustment on a weekly basis much better than a daily. So I am happy for that. Doing about 40 hours a week and with 8 hour shifts I get my 2 days off. So that is great. The other day at work however, I started feeling really overheated. I had a sore throat that day but I just assumed I slept with my mouth open or something stupid. But as I felt hotter and hotter I started wondering if I was getting sick? Sick? ? Since I stopped the steroids
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