Why Was I So Jumpy the Other Day?

Since I figured out that I was so sensitive to sudden, loud noises because of something called “stimulus-sensitivemyoclonus” I started taking Klonopin (Clonazepam) and it changed my life. No
longer was I jumping at every sudden noise, spasming like I was having a
seizure, dropping things, or spilling coffee on myself out of shock. It has
continued to work since I started taking just 0.5mg who knows how long ago; my quality of life has improved so much
that I lost track of the date because I have been doing things I couldn’t
handle for the longest time!
So why oh why was I reliving this nightmare the other day? “Hey
Matt,” and I jump. “Next stop,” the bus starts to say and I jump. EVERYTHING was making me jump! Did I
forget to take my Klonopin? Nope, I am super on top of my medication. What
changed? Oh… wait… I know what…
I have been taking Nuvigil again and it has been working
OK.  That day I took Nuvigil and had a cup of coffee. I am pretty
sure those two factors in my pretty sensitive life equation are what did it. I
usually don’t drink coffee now unless
I don’t take Nuvigil on days like today where I don’t have too much to do compared to the week ahead. I think the other day I
was just craving a cup of coffee and that must be what set off the jumpiness…

Though I am certain not everyone
has this effect but would I recommend mixing caffeine and Nuvigil to most
people? Probably not depending on their symptoms. I will definitely be keeping
a closer eye on this possibility. Anyone have any experience with this? Share

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