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Why All the Pictures Are Gone

Well I feel dumb. I was annoyed that on anything linked to my Google account (like my phone and Google Plus) displayed images from Picasa and I had no idea how! “What is Picasa?” “When did I sign up for it?” So I logged in and deleted everything on the account.

Tysabri 18, Job Hunt, Migraine, and More

Wow, I have not been on top of my blog. I=&0=& =&1=&

First of all, Tysabri number 18! On July
14th I had my first infusion of Tysabri in Colorado and it went
well. The nurses were nice, I didn’t have to get stabbed a bunch of times for
someone to get my IV catheter in, and aside from a lack of TV’s to pass the
time it was a nice little center. Although it is primarily used for cancer
patients I did briefly meet a lady (who was on her way out) who was also on
Tysabri; Number 60 something! Wow that’s a lot! 5 years? Anyways, they drew
some blood before my infusion to run a CBC (complete blood count) which looking
at the results, includes a lot of what my SoCal neurologist checked for (but
not nearly as much) and since I got the results online instead of from a doctor
I had to (well, chose to in case something was off) look it all over myself.
Everything they checked for was within normal range and was pretty much the
same when compared to past blood tests so that is good.

Why Was I So Jumpy the Other Day?

Since I figured out that I was so sensitive to sudden, loud noises because of something called “stimulus-sensitivemyoclonus

Making Tysabri Decisions and Considerations

“Living with MS and considering Tysabri as a possible treatment option” =&0=&